Is there free parking?

Yes! Paper Mill Pines has ample free parking, We only ask that you do not park in front of our garage.

Are the rooms keyed?

Each room is equipped with a keyless system. Both your guest room door and the main entry door to the home will require a four-digit code to unlock. You will receive the code promptly before your check in.

Check-in & check-out times?

Our check-in time is flexible and can typically be adjusted as needed.

We like to shoot for any time after 3pm for check-in and check-out at or before 10 am.

Can we fish in the pond?

Absolutely, yes! We even provide much of the equipment necessary.

There is also a trail that runs around the perimeter of the pond, so please feel free to take a nice relaxing walk if you wish.

Can we swim in the pond?

Absolutely no swimming, wading, etc in our 5 acre pond.

** You will be required to sign a agreement at the time of your check-in stating you will abide by this rule.

Whats for breakfast?

On weekend mornings a homecooked breakfast will be served around 8:30am, unless other arrangements are made prior. This breakfast varies per day: eggs, pancakes, french toast, sausage, bacon, hash browns and toast are a few of the regulars. Breakfast casseroles are also common and DELICIOUS!

On weekday mornings a continental breakfast will be serviced. This will include fresh fruit, muffins and cereal, coffee, and juice.

If you have any allergies or requests in regard to breakfast, please give us a few days' notice so that we can better accommodate you.

Do you have pets?

Yes, there is one small, very friendly cat named Tyrion. (Yes we are huge Game Of Thrones fans!!). We will do our absolute best to keep them in our private quarters but we can not guarantee that they won't make an appearance during your stay.